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12 March 2014

River rafting is one of exciting adventure activities jointed by a lot of tourist in Bali, wading rapids river rafting by using inflatable boats that can accommodate 4-5 people. River rafting is usually done with close friends or family, this is very exciting activity to do while on holiday or just to fill the weekend. Explore river while enjoying the natural scenery along the river is an adventure that is very meaningful. More over, if the river has challenging rapids, the atmosphere will be more exciting with the shouts and the expense of family or your close friends.

Bali has some excellent rivers for adventurous rafting because most of Baliís natural relief consists of mountains and valleys. This makes Bali listed as one of tourism area with the best potential for adventure tourism in Indonesia. Many adventurous travelers who had come to Bali like to try adventure tours in Bali, especially Bali rafting. Some of the best rivers in Bali are used for rafting is Ayung River and Telaga Waja River. Both rivers are located in different districts but equally have its challenges.

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Ayung River is located in Ubud precisely at Payangan area. This river is well known in foreign countries as a very attractive place for rafting. The main attraction of this river is a sculpture carved as long as 600 meters along the Ayung riverís wall. These carvings made by Ubudís artists that aims to enhance the attraction to tourists to visit Ayung river rafting. Unlike another river, Telaga Waja. Telaga Waja River is located in Karangasem District, eastern park of Bali precisely in Muncan village, which neighbors to Klungkung. Telaga Waja River rafting is perfect for adventurers who want more challenge, because this river has a bigger rapids that are more challenging, level 3-4. This makes Telaga Waja as the best rivers for whitewater rafting in Bali.